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St. Vincent's Hospital

St. Vincent's University Hospital

Department of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care & Pain Management
St. Vincent's University Hospital (SVUH)
Elm Park, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Contact Details:
Michelle Herron,Sec,
Jenny Blake, Sec.,
Suzanne Bray, Sec.

Tel. +353.1. 221.4262 / 221.4478    
 Fax. +353.1.221.1186
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Department of Anaesthesia

Consultant Anaesthetists
Prof. John Boylan
Dr. Hugh Gallagher
Dr. Ray Victory
Dr. Dermot Kelly
Dr. Dara Breslin, Associate Professor
Dr. Ingrid Browne
Dr. Cathal Nolan
Dr. Caroline Hickey
Dr. Paul Murphy
Dr. Niamh Conlon, Associate Professor
Dr. Crina Burlacu, Associate Professor
Dr. Roger McMorrow
Dr. Larry Crowley
Dr. Donal Ryan, Associate Professor
Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Associate Professor
Dr. Denise Rohan
Dr. Andrew Westbrook
Dr. Finola Naughton
Prof. Alistair Nichol
Dr. Aravind Rathakrishnan
Dr. Hassan Shakeban
Dr. Abigail Walsh
Dr. Michael O'Dwyer
Dr. Siaghal Mac Colgáin
Dr. Mohamed Hassanain
Dr. Shrijit Nair (Chairman)
Dr. Orsolya Solymos
Dr. Andrea Haren
Dr. Kirk Levins
Dr. Diarmuid O’Briain
Dr. Nikki Higgins
Dr. Rob Ffrench-O’Carroll
Dr Patrick O’Sullivan
Dr Amy Donnelly
Dr David Garcia
Dr Kate O’Donnell

Locum Consultants
Dr Carina Doare

Pancreatic Fellows
Dr Mustafa Masoud

Perioperative Fellow
Dr Steve Walsh

Liver Fellows
Dr Moshsin Zahoor
Dr Ahmed Abbas

Intensive Care Fellows
Dr Eoin Young
Dr Hugh O’Reilly
Dr Stephen Duff
Dr Sean Croughan

Dr. Hugh Gallagher
Dr Shrijit Nair

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