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Department of Anaesthesia - Simulation Training Programme

Dr. Crina Burlacu

Associate Professor, Dr. Crina Burlacu - Director of Simulation Training

Synopsis: The Department of Anaesthesia SVUH Simulation Training Sessions are aimed at both consultants and trainees who would like to refresh their technical and non-technical skills in the management of common and rare complications of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine. The training consists in participating in a full-scale realistic simulation scenario with a clear pre-defined learning objective. The participants are expected to manage the case scenario according to their training grade and expertise. The scenario is followed by personalized feedback during focussed consultant-led debrief where both the individual competence and performance as a team member are discussed in a constructive positive manner. Good principles of clinical crisis management such as leadership and delegation, team work, effective communication, efficient use of available resources, support from seniors, and regular review of patient progress are thoroughly addressed and reinforced. 


SVUH Simulation Training Schedule 2024

Timetable and Location: We currently deliver monthly Department of Anaesthesia Simulation Sessions on a Monday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 am.  The Department of Anaesthesia Simulation Suite is located in the Herbert Wing.  Starting time is 7:30 am sharp. Please allow enough time for changing into scrubs which are required in order to get access to the Simulation Suite.



The Department of Anaesthesia in St Vincent’s University Hospital will hold its third ‘Anaesthesia Bootcamp’, July 2020 for New Anaesthesia Trainees

Associate Professor, Dr Crina Burlacu, Course Co-Ordinator





Dr Ruth Boylan, SAT6 SpR, Modular Year in Simulation

The Department of Anaesthesia SVUH launched its first 'Anaesthesia Bootcamp' for New Trainees in July 2018.

Update 2019 Bootcamp

The Anaesthesia Bootcamp is an intensive 3-day simulation-based course for incoming Anaesthesia Trainees in June 2019. The first intake of participants will include four SAT1 trainees, two Emergency Department (ED) trainees who are joining the Anaesthesia Department for a six-month period as part of their ED Training Scheme and three newly qualified Anaesthetic Nurses. The goal of this program is to guide novice trainees during their first introduction to anaesthesia, creating a framework for them to further expand their technical and non-technical skills in anaesthesia.

The Bootcamp comprises of interactive lectures, workshops and simulated scenarios, which are all designed to give the novice anaesthetic trainee a grounding in the main aspects of anaesthesia while directing them towards future milestones, for example, initial assessment of competence. The learning objectives include: understanding basic anaesthetic techniques, airway management, performing a preoperative anaesthetic assessment, anaesthetic machine check as per the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) Guidelines, medication preparation and assessing patients in the post-operative environment. High-Fidelity Simulated scenarios are designed to allow the trainee to consolidate knowledge and skills gained in the interactive lectures and workshops into crisis resource management of critical incidents in a simulated environment. At the end of the Anaesthesia Bootcamp programme, trainees will take part in an MCQ for immediate post-training evaluation.

We hope that this program will better prepare our trainees for the beginning of their clinical rotation and lay the fundamental principles on which further knowledge and skills can be built.