- South East Dublin Department of Anaesthesia

ld Medal Award

Undergraduates SVUH



Bonding in the Park
- St Vincent’s University Hospital Anaesthetic Relay Team

Participants: Dr Roger McMorrow, Dr Crina Burlacu, Dr Aidan Magee, Dr Caoimhe Casby & Dr Martin Lenihan




UCD Medical students elective in Monza Mission Hospital, Zambia

Pictured left are: Cliona O'Donnell, Stephanie Rutledge, Antonia Courtney, & Andrew Crowe




Medical students SVUH summer projects 2011

Terry Kong - Investigating the use of cerebral oximetry and TEG in pancreatic cancer patients

Nuala McCauley - Audit of Post Mortems in ICU patients

Carrie Murphy - Incidences of ARDS in ICU patients



Education and Research Grants, SVAF

SVAF Scholarship was awarded to Medical Student Amy Donnelly for undertaking research in -

- an audit of the first 12 months of Whipples patients

- to evaluate the creatinine clearance as a marker of reliable discontinuation of CVVHD in ICU