- South East Dublin Department of Anaesthesia

ld Medal Award

Undergraduates SVUH


Michael Collins (1890–1922) Commander-in Chief & Chairman of the Irish Provisional Goverment

Centenary of Beal Na Blath, Co.Cork 19th August 2022



Collins' death deprived us of reconciliation



10th anniversary of the CAI simulation training (CASC), March 5th, 2020

SVUH anaesthesiologists and intensivists are constantly contributing to simulation teaching at the College on a diverse range of general, sub-speciality and intensive care courses.







Bonding in the Park
- St Vincent’s University Hospital Anaesthetic Relay Team

Participants: Dr Roger McMorrow, Dr Crina Burlacu, Dr Aidan Magee, Dr Caoimhe Casby & Dr Martin Lenihan




UCD Medical students elective in Monza Mission Hospital, Zambia

Pictured left are: Cliona O'Donnell, Stephanie Rutledge, Antonia Courtney, & Andrew Crowe




Medical students SVUH summer projects 2011

Terry Kong - Investigating the use of cerebral oximetry and TEG in pancreatic cancer patients

Nuala McCauley - Audit of Post Mortems in ICU patients

Carrie Murphy - Incidences of ARDS in ICU patients



Education and Research Grants, SVAF

SVAF Scholarship was awarded to Medical Student Amy Donnelly for undertaking research in -

- an audit of the first 12 months of Whipples patients

- to evaluate the creatinine clearance as a marker of reliable discontinuation of CVVHD in ICU