- South East Dublin Department of Anaesthesia

SEDDA -South East Dublin Department of Anaesthesia

The South East Dublin Department of Anaesthesia (SEDDA) was formed in 1991 at the request of Comhairle na n-Ospideal and The Department of Health and Children. At present is comprises of seven participating hospitals with affiliations to University College Dublin and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

The seven SEDDA participating hospitals are:

1. St. Vincent's University Hospital   (location of SEDDA Secretariat)
2. St. Michael's Hospital
3. National Maternity Hospital
4. National Rehabilitation Hospital
5. Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital
6. St. Columcille's Hospital
7. St. Luke's Hospital

Co-ordinator, SEDDA


The core aims of the South East Dublin Department of Anaesthesia are (i) to promote high quality anaesthetic services (ii) to provide adequate staff cover for the seven participating hospitals and (iii) to act as as the initiator for new and replacement posts.


St. Vincent's University Hospital (SVUH), as the major general teaching hospital of the group, has responsibility for the overall organisation function of the joint department.  The SEDDA administration structure consists of a Co-ordinator, a Steering Committee comprising the Directors of Anaesthesia and a management representative from each of the participating hospitals.

Operational funding for SEDDA activities, Secretariat, the Research Lecturer/Registrar and the Educational Co-ordinator posts are provided by the Health Services Executive (HSE).


From 1991 SEDDA has been active and successful in promoting and developing its multi-disciplinary Teaching Programme as part of the overall national Anaesthestic Training Programme in conjunction with the College of Anaesthetists. Since April 2010, a reappraisal of the accredited training schemes is being undertaken by the Collge of Anaesthetists of Ireland, the HSE, and the Medical Council. For more information, please see Medical Council and College of Anaesthetists of Ireland websites.

SEDDA has also been involved in the development and transformation of Irish healthcare processess partaining to the fields of anaesthesia, pain management, intensive care, as well as the clinicians in management initiative.

SEDDA hold interviews each six months and appoint successful candidates for up to 3 years.  While rotating through the constituent hospitals the trainees are required to take part in the teaching activities and facilities at St. Vincent’s University Hospital.

Special Interests

SEDDA represents a body of expertise in the fields of general anaesthesia, pain management, and intensive care.

It offers particular expertise in the fields of liver transplantation, acute and chronic pain management, bariatric surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, vascular access, obstetrics, ENT and opthalmology, Ultra-Sound Nerve Blocks, and SimsMan 3G Simulator Training.

In addition, individual consultant members have educational and research interests in speciality areas including, air ambulance and hyperbaric medicine.

Rotation Scheme for Trainee Anaesthetists – SEDDA

Since July 1991 SEDDA as well as participating in the Natioanl Anaesthetic Training Programme, also operates a separate rotation scheme among the participating hospitals.  The current activities of the SEDDA Teaching Programme are provided on this web site