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The Department of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care & Pain Medicine at  SVUH and the St. Vincents Anaesthesia Foundation—Wish to acknowledge & express their sincere Gratitude to Louise, for her outstanding Administrative capacity, in her contributions, dedication & organisational skills—that contributed and lead to the successful growth & development of the Department.



Modular Year in Simulation at St. Vincent's University Hospital and the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland.

Congratulations to Dr. Ruth Boylan for the publication of her article with title 'Modular Year In Simulation' at St. Vincent's University Hospital and the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland in Anaesthesia News, April 2020. Ruth is writing on her experiences in her final special interest year. This is a must read for any other trainee who is interested in pursuing a simulation fellowship.

The recent Irish Issue of Anaesthesia News was edited by Dr. Wouter Jonker, Convenor, Irish Standing Committee, and can be accessed online by active AAGBI members at



SVUH Dept. of Anaesthesia Audit Meeting 2017

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SEDDA Poster Presentations at Congress of Anaesthetisia 2016

Preoperative compliance of oral Hypoglycemic agent in a tertiary Dublin center.
Authors: Dr. H Elfil, Dr. M Ahmed, Dr. M Intiaz

A challenging airway management of a woman with leukemia for elective caesarian section
Authors: Dr. M Ahmed, Dr. D Mohammed, Dr. L. Crowley

An audit of airway device selection and cuff pressure in SVUH
Authors: Dr. C Collins-Smyth, Dr. N Conlon

Preoperative assesment of older patients undergoing cateract surgery in a specialist centre
Authors: Dr. A Deasy, Dr. A Fanning

An Audit of Post Dural Puncture Headache follwing intentional Lumbar Puncture at a Dublin hospital
Authors: Dr. C Goh, Dr. E Kelleher, Dr. T Owens

An Audit of perioperative nauseau and vomiting in patients undergoing day case dental extractions
Authors: Dr. E Kelleher, Dr. R Velagapudi

ROTEM for management of Obstetric Haemorrhage
Authors: Dr. T Kong, Dr. M Owens, Dr. L Crowley

Anaesthetic Emergency Medications Use and Wasteage
Authors: Dr. D mohammed, Dr. D McCormack, Dr. I Browne

Audit of US Guided Procedures for Chronic Pain Management. 1 Year Experience
Authors: Dr. A Mudrakouski, Dr. A Ghafoor, Dr. D O'Keeffe


SVUH Poster Presentations at SMACC Conference Dublin June 2016

FOAM - It's usage at St. Vincent's University Hospital
Authors: Dr. M Imtiaz



Gold Medal Awards, Saint Vincent's University Hospital 2015

Dr David Cosgrave, Winner - Dr Gerry Dorrian Memorial Award for best SpR in Anaesthesia
Dr Laura Flood, Winner - Dr Seamus O’Donnell Memorial Award for best SpR in ICU
Dr John McNamara, Winner - Dr Dick Nolan Memorial Award for the best BST in Anaesthesia




IPSAM Poster Presentation, January 22nd-23rd  2016

Should US Examination and Diagnostic Blocks Substitue Nerve Conducting Studies as First Line Diagnostic Test in Case of Suspected Entrapment Syndromes? Serial case report.
Dr A. Mudrakouski, Dr A. Ghafoor, Dr D. Mafavuneh, Dr D. O'Keeffe, Dr P. Murphy

Intra-articular Injection of Botulinum Toxin A for Chronic Osteoarthritic Pain. Case Report
Dr A. Mudrakouski, Dr A. Ghafoor, Dr D. O'Keeffe

Audit on US Guided Procedures for Chronic Pain Management. One year Experience
Dr A. Mudrakouski, Dr A. Ghafoor, Dr D. O'Keeffe, Dr D. Mafavuneh



SVUH Anaesthesia Department Audit Symposium, 26th February 2016

A retrospective review of Major Obstetric Haemorrhage cases in 2014 at the NMH
Authors: Dr. Ingrid Browne, Dr. Joan Fitzgerald, Dr. Anthony Klobas, Ms. Alice Moynihan

Audit of National DNAR Policy Implementation
Authors: Dr Marie Therese Cooney & Dr Crina Burlacu

Cardiac Arrest
Authors: Dr C Hickey and Dr Elizabeth Little

ITM Audit
Authors: Dr David Cosgrave Dr Era Soukhin Dr Anand Puttapa Dr Niamh Conlon

Post Dural puncture headaches following intentional lumbar puncture
Authors:Dr Charles Goh, Dr Eoin Kelleher, Dr Tom Owens


SVUH Vascular Access Workshop, January 26-27th 2016

SVUH Difficult Airway Workshop, February 9th 2016

SVUH Department of Anaesthesia, Clinical Audit Day, February 2016

Coordinator: Dr Neil McDonald, Consultant Anaesthetist



Postgraduate training in Ireland: expectations and experience

Irish Journal of Medical Science
D. Bennett • T. Dornan • C. Bergin • M. Horgan



CAI Annual Congress of Anaesthesia, May 21st-22nd 2015

'The effects of training outcomes in Anaesthesia'
Lecture - Dr Crina Burclau, Director Simulation training, SVUH

CAI Poster Presentations

'Pharmacogenetic disorders of interest to the anaesthetist'
Dr Crina Burlacu, Dr John McNamara, Dr Julian Efrimescu

'Deep Brain Stimulation for Chronic Pain: Irish Experience'
Dr Ateeq Ghafoor, Dr Alex Mudrakouski, Dr Paul Murphy, Mr. Tipu Aziz, Dr Declan O' Keeffe
Saint Vincent University Hospital Dublin Ireland/ Oxford University Hospitals UK

'A Retrospective Study of patients requiring Epidural Blood Patch for Post Dural Headaches in the National Maternity Hospital over a 12 month period'
Dr P Moran, Dr A Cafferkey, Dr B O’Kelly

'The Royal Victoria eye & Ear Hospital Application for Smart Phones'
Dr J Kent, Dr P Murtagh, Dr C Turner, Dr J O’Connor, Dr E Gill, Dr D McCoy



Euroanaesthesia Conference, May 30th, Berlin

'Additivies to local anaesthetics for peripherial nerve blocks'
Lecture - Dr Dara Breslin, Consultant Anaesthetist, St. Vincent's University Hospital

'Red Cell and Coagulation Factor Usage Following Introduction of Thromboelastography in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation'
Poster - Dr F Illahi, Dr N Conlon, Dr J Boylan




Congratulations to Dr. Shanika Wijayaratne for recently passing Part II European Diploma in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care



SVUH Department of Anaesthesia Medal Winners 2014



Poster Presentations for KP Moore medal competition - November 28th

Severe refractory hypotension associated with undernutrition -a case report
Catalin Iulian Efrimescu, Crina L. Burlacu.

Considerations in providing safe anaesthesia in a patient with mastocytosis
Read Online...
Robert ffrench-Carroll, Colin Morrison, Crina L. Burlacu


Irish Congress of Anaesthesia - Poster Presentations

'Tubeless total intravenous anaesthesia in a patient with tracheal stenosis and acute respiratory distress'  Authors - Dr Robert ffrench-Carroll, Dr Crina Burlacu

'Incidence of Post discharge Nausea and Vomiting in Ambulatory Surgery and Apfel PDNV Score'
Authors -Dr A Khan, Dr M Kelleher, Dr C Smyth, Dr J Ryan, Dr N Conlon

'Post thyroidectomy stridor in a patient due to intra-operative recurrent laryngeal nerve stimulation' Authors - Dr A Butt, Dr C Casby, Dr I Browne

'Post-operative Psychogenic seizure a treatment dilemma for Anaesthetist'
Authors - Dr S Nair , Dr Shakeban



Congratulations to Dr Stephen Frohlich

Winner of the Delaney Medal Competition March 2014

Title of talk - "The CREB transcription factor mediates pulmonary hypoxic responses; implications for a novel theraputic strategy in ARDS"




Dr Aoife Doolan, Winner of Sylvester O'Halloran medal

Dr Aoife Doolan, Registrar St Vincents University Hospital, winner of the 'Sylvester O'Halloran' medal for her research entitled:

'Is the Berlin Definition more accurate in diagnosing ARDS than the AECC Definition?'

S. Frohlich, N. Conlon, J. Boylan and T. Crotty - Co Authors




Gold Medal Winners - 2013

Presentation of Gold Medals Awards by Dr Caroline Hickey, Chairperson, Dept of Anaesthesia, intensive care And Pain Medicine - St Vincent's University Hospital to Dr Nikki Higgins- Best Spr in Anaesthesia & Dr Ahmed Aglan -Best Spr in ICU




Recipients of St Vincents Anaesthesia Foundation Scholarships


Dr. Stephen Frohlich - PhD student, Conway Institute UCD

"Hypoxia Responsive Pathways in ARDS: Role of CREB Responsive Genes"

Professor Paul McLoughlin, Department of Physiology, Conway Institute, UCD
Dr. John Boylan, Consultant Anaesthetist, St. Vincent's University Hospital.

Dr.Stephen Frohlich is a recipient of a SVAF scholarship.


Dr. Noelle Murphy - MD student, Conway Institute UCD

"Gremlin in acute lung injury "

Prof. Paul McLoughlin, Dept of Physiology, Conway Institute, UCD
Dr John Boylan, Consultant Anaesthetist, St Vincent's University Hospital

Dr Noelle Murphy is a recipient of a SVAF scholarship and the Abbott scholarship for Anaesthetic Research, 2012


KP Moore - Medal Presentations November 2012

Presentations St Vincents University Hospital & St Columcille's Hospital


Medal Winner -
Use of the Airway Exchange Catheter technique for ‘at-risk’ extubation: a case report
Dr. Ghulam Raza, Dr. Bernard Nally, Dr. Hugh Gallagher, Dr. Patrick Benson, Dr. Crina Burlacu -

Revisited use of intramuscular ketamine for induction of general anaesthesia in a patient with developmental disability
Dr Muhammad Adil Mazhar, Dr. Bernard Nally, Dr. Hugh Gallagher, Dr. Crina Burlacu -


Prize Winner -
Comparison of the accuracy of the AECC and Berlin definitions in diagnosing ARDS
Dr. A Doolan, Dr. S Frohlich, Dr. N Murphy, Dr TCrotty, Dr N Conlon, Dr J Boylan

Audit of airway assessment by different anaesthetists
Dr. Waqas Rehman, Dr. Crina Burlacu

Unexpected mortality following vascular surgery- Is this preventable?
Dr. Shrijit Nair, Dr. Stephen Frolich, Dr. Niamh Conlon

Post Mortem Rates in an Irish ICU
Dr. F.I. Memon, Dr. S Frohlich, Dr. N Conlon


Royal Academy of Medicine-Registrar's Prize, December 2012

Oral Presentation - St Vincent's university Hospital
"Life-threatening major airway emergencies: Are they all the same?"
Authors: Dr. Memon Fazal Illahi, Dr. Islam Shaban, Dr. Crina Burlacu

Other presentation:
"Perioperative cardiac ischemia- what's the point of no return?"
Authors: S. Nair, K O'Hare, D Kelly



North American Neuromodulation Conference Presentations, December 2012

Presentations - Department of Pain Medicince, St Vincents University Hospital

1. High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation in the treatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
Dr M Selvanambi, Dr D O'Keeffe, Dr C Barretto

2. High Frequency PNFS in the treatment of Failed Back Syndrome
Dr D O'Keeffe

3. High frequency spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of cluster headaches
Dr Alistair Joseph, Dr D O'Keeffe

4. High frequency spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of facial pain
Dr Mohd Azzain Yassir, Dr D O'Keeffe



St. Vincent's University Hospital Posters at SESAM, Norway 2012

"Drug Errors in Anaesthesia: The Effect of Simulation Training on Practice and Awareness"
- Dr. Eilis Condon, Dr. Aine Cafferkey, Dr. Crina Burlacu

"A trainee self-assessment of competence in difficult airway management"
- Dr. Adil Mazhar, Dr. Hassan Shakeban, Dr. Crina Burlacu

Dr. Aine Cafferkey

Winner of Best Scientific Poster Prize at the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine Meeting (SESAM) in Stavanger, Norway, June 14-16th 2012.

"Simulated cardio-respiratory monitoring station at a postgraduate anaesthesia examination"
- Dr. Jane Bruton, Ms. Ruth Flaherty, Dr. Deirdre McCoy and Dr. Crina Burlacu




St. Vincent's University Hospital Posters at the ICA Congress 2012

Prize Winner - Research & Audit category ICA
Perioperative blood glucose in diabetic patients

- Nawoor Z, Bukowska I, Dunne E, Conlon N, McDonald N

Prize Winner - Case Presentation category ICA
VA ECMO in a case of giant cell myocarditis
- T Hitka, A Teo. A Nichol

Additional posters submitted...Read More


St. Vincent's University Hospital Posters at the ICA Congress 2012

Paravertebral Blockade as a Sole Technique for the Anaesthetic Management of a patient with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis undergoing Breast Cancer Surgery
- Dr. Raza Mahdi, Dr. Alan McShane, Dr. Crina Burlacu

Anaesthetic Management of a Patient with Multiple Allergies to Food Preservatives
- Dr. Muhammad Adil Mazhar, Dr. Mark Johnson, Fionnuala Kennedy, Dr. Ingrid Browne, Dr. Crina Burlacu

Suxamethonium: Friend or Foe?
- Dr. David Vushe Mafavuneh, Dr. Crina Burlac

Cosmetic surgery and the interpretation of the train-of-four response
- E Dunne, D Breslin, D Ryan

"It's just nerves, Doctor"- Or is it?
- E. Dunne, A MacMahon, N McDonald

Complications associated with use of the Beeline spring powered disposable infusion pump for postoperative continuous wound infusion
- MacMahon A, Finnerty D, Conlon N. (oral presentation)

An observational study of perioperative thromboelastography in patients presenting for Whipple's procedure
- Murphy N, Kong Kam Wa T, Condon E, Rathakrishnan A, Imberger G, Boylan J, Conlon N.

Cost analysis of introduction of Et Control for the Aisys® Carestation® (Datex Ohmeda)
- Turocek T, Jinnuraine J, Conlon N, Owens T



St. Vincent's Hospital Rugby Club - Winners of the Hospital Cup 2011 host Annual Charity Ball Saturday 3rd March 2012



Dr. Mei Chuen TayAward of the Eithne Wall Memorial Medal to Dr. Mei Cheun Tay

Taoiseach Enda Kenny awards the first Eithne Wall Memorial Medal to Dr. Mei Cheun Tay for her presentation. 'Audit of New Cases of Uveal Melanoma' at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Dublin



Dr. Narayanan and Dr. Jaigirdar Win Poster award at Anaesthesia Congress, Ireland




Gold Medal Award - Faculty of Pain Medicine - Annual Meeting 2011

Sinead Healy Evans, final year medical student, St. Vincent's University Hospital, was awarded Gold Medal for her presentation on an audit of Neural Bloackade and Rhizotomy.




Thursday March 3rd, College of Anaesthetists Dr Grainne McDermot,
St Vincents University Hospital - "How safe is the landmark-based TAP technique?"



Gold Medals Awards 2010

Dr Gerry Dorian Memorial Award for Best SpR in Anaesthesia - Dr Mohammed Jaigirdar and Dr James O'Leary
Dr Dick Nolan Memorial Award for Best BST in Anaesthesia - Dr Damien Archbold
Dr Seamus O'Donnell Memorial Award for Best SpR in ICU - Dr Wouter Jonker and Dr Orsolya Solymos