- South East Dublin Department of Anaesthesia

SEDDA Anaesthetic Grand Rounds - January / June 2013

Programme Schedule: Wednesday 7.30am





Aug 14th

Regional Anaesthesia Workshop – Upper Limb

Dr Dara Breslin, Dr Niamh Conlon


Aug 21st

Liver Transplant – how we do it

Dr Mark Keegan Mayo Clinic, Rochester


Aug 28th

Thromboelastograph + platelet mapping

Dr Niamh Conlon


Sept 9th

Vascular Access Workshop

Dr Alan McShane ,Dr Neil McDonald, Dr Niamh Conlon


Sept 11th

Abdominal Wall Blocks and Wound Infusion Catheters

Dr Aravind Rathakrishnan


Sept 18th


Dr John Boylan


Sept 25th

Evidence-based reasons not to follow guidelines

Dr Georgina Imberger, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne

Dr Hassan Shakeban

Oct 2nd

Regional Anaesthesia Workshop – Lower Limb

Dr Dara Breslin, Dr Niamh Conlon


Oct 9th

The Great NSAID Debate

Dr Neil McDonald

Dr Robert fFrench-Carroll
Dr David Lawlor

Oct 16th

Morbidity and Mortality Meeting

Dr Larry Crowley


Oct 23rd

Intrathecal Opiates

Dr Ingrid Browne

Dr Enda Shanahan

Oct 30th

Respiratory Physiology on Everest

Dr Roger McMorrow


Nov 6th

Paravertebral Blocks

Dr Mohammed Mukhtar

Dr Anand Puttappa

Nov 13th

Cariopulmonary Exercise Testing

Dr Tom Owens

Dr Fiona Kiernan

Nov 20th

Anaesthesia for Pancreatic Surgery

Dr Finola Naughton

Dr Hassan Shakeban

Nov 27th

Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Dr Kevin McKeating

Dr Abdul Hameed Khan

Dec 4th

Airway Workshop

Dr Niamh Conlon

Dr Syed Arfin

Dec 11th

Morbidity and Mortality Meeting

Dr Larry Crowley


Dec 18th

Breast Reconstructive Surgery and Flaps

Dr Finola Naughton

Dr Sinead O’Keeffe






Grand Rounds - Education & Research Centre, SVUH

Grand Rounds Archives 2013 (January - June)
Grand Rounds Archives 2012 (June - December)

Grand Rounds Archives 2012 (January - June)


ICU Continuing Education

Programme Schedule:  Tuesday 7.30am (updated monthly)



Consultant Chairing

Jul 30th

Variceal Haemorrhage in Cirrhosis

Dr Andrew Westbrook

Aug 6th

ICU Management of the Patient Post OLT

Dr Donal Ryan

Aug 20th

Acute Liver Failure

Dr Donal Ryan

Aug 27th

Renal Replacement Therapy

Dr Kieran Crowley

Sept 10th

Medical Emergency Teams

Dr Andrew Westbrook

Sept 17th

Donation after Cardiac Death

Prof Alistair Nichol

Sept 24th

Community Acquired Pneumonia

Dr Pat Benson

Sept 30th

Regional Anaesthesia Workshop Lecture

Dr Dara Breslin

Oct 8th

No Meeting - ESICM


Oct 15th

Part II Renal Replacement Therapy

Dr Kieran Crowley

Oct 22nd

Cl Studies in SVUH/ICU:Overview

Prof Alistair Nichol

Oct 29th

Poisoning in the ICU

Dr Ray O’Connor, SpR Anaes

Nov 5th

Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in ICU

Dr Andrew Westbrook

Nov 12th

Hypoxaemic Rescue Therapies in ARDS

Prof Alistair Nichol

Nov 19th

The Initial Management of Shock

Dr Donal Ryan

Nov 26th

Ventilator Wave Forms

Dr Kieran Crowley

Dec 03rd



Dec 10th



Dec 17th



Dec 24th



ICU Conference Room, * case presentations by Registrars


Intensive Care Medicine Journal Club

Programme Schedule:  Thursday 7.30am (monthly)



Main Speaker


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Nessa Dooley


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Nessa Dooley


Immanuel Hennessy


Lecture Room ICU (beside staff room) SVUH


Simulation Training



Main Speaker


Simulation in a nut shell -for nchds only

Dr Crina Burlacu

Simulation Lab - Old Ward Block – 7.30 a.m. Sharp